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You can select the filtration level for your family's comfort, and the control can be set to advance the media automatically at predetermined intervals.

The Optimair filter and media cost less than other high efficiency filters. The Optimair filter fits right in the space now occupied by your traditional one inch filter. Certain restrictions apply. Reviewing the installation video and manual are recommended. You can also call our customer service number and we will be glad to assist you.

Once the Optimair filter is installed, no need to change the filter for up to 2 years. Start benefiting from energy savings and improved filtration without any hassle.

Besides letting dust and other unhealthy particles back into your home, clogged filters also cost you money. Your furnace will run more and cycle more often. This uses more fuel, and increases wear and tear on the equipment.

The patented Optimair filter carries a conditional lifetime warranty.

Call us toll-free, 888-877-2524, we will be glad to discuss your filtration needs and if needed arrange for an authorized dealer to install the OPTIMAIR filter.

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