Importance of Airflow

Most residential furnaces and air conditioners operate on the principal of air movement. Air is either heated or cooled inside your furnace and then distributed throughout your home. As it returns to the furnace, it picks up dust and dirt particles from the air. A filter is designed into the system just before air enters the furnace. The filter catches dirt and dust before it can be circulated again.

Good air flow is essential for efficient operation. Restricted flow reduces a homeowner's comfort level and puts a strain on the fan and the furnace or air conditioner. It comes on and off more often, which wears out motors and switches faster. The graph below shows the air flow levels of a pleated filter compared to an Optimair filter.

ChartUsing Optimair Helps protect your health

Your indoor air is always fresh and clean, because the Optimair filter media advances automatically to ensure maximum airflow and filtration.

The Optimair automatic furnace filter system helps to remove contaminants that could adversely affect health such as mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust mites, dust mite waste and other pollutants.

As a result, The Optimair automatic furnace filter system can help to provide:

  • Less aggravation for those with acute or chronic breathing problems.
  • Reduced risk of illness by removing some bacteria and viruses.
  • Fresher, cleaner smelling air in the home

For those with allergies, we recommend the use of the Ultra filter media that will filter up to 97% of all indoor pollutants.

Optimair Protects Your HVAC System

Forgetting to change the filter is the leading cause of heating and cooling system problems. The Optimair automatic furnace filter system will help protect your HVAC system in several vital ways. The Optimair helps increase the efficiency of your system.